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ux-ui / interaction design

project overview —

Happy Sunshine is a beloved American food truck on Drexel University campus. This project implements a rebrand on an application for this food truck, and creates a user-friendly and intuitive mobile product for the client.

goals —

This project focuses a lot more on UX research and ideation. The goal is to create a user-centric mobile application that makes the ordering process more comfortable for the client’s customers, while also keeping the brand’s image cohesive.

happy sunshine food truck application design mood board

context & challenges —

Happy Sunshine has a very strong, regular, and growing customer base. We wanted to convey Happy Sunshine’s values that earn them a strong and supportive customer base into our mobile product. It’s the sense of sweetness, friendliness, and fun that makes our client stand out. We wanted to design an app that keeps the ordering process as simple and personalized as possible while still carrying the energy and values of this food truck.

constraints —

A lot of Happy Sunshine's customers keep coming back to the truck because of the owners. They are sweet, welcoming, and kind. Therefore, as ordering food via a mobile application would completely remove the human interaction aspect, we had to find ways to make app users feel welcome and respected by the option of getting food through the product.


high fidelity prototype —

With the help of insights we gathered with the Usability Testing of our low and mid fidelity prototype and a final joint team analysis of these insights, we were able to create the final version of our prototype with all the graphics and full functionality of the main flow of the app.

happy sunshine food truck application design micro interactions
happy sunshine food truck application design micro interactions