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exhibition design / environmental design

project overview —

“from i to eye” is an exhibition on visual impairments, the Brailles system and the need for inclusivity in design. This exhibition explores how visually impaired people interact with different principles of design, such as colors, textures, and forms. “from i to eye” also showcases the Brailles system and how it is being used in print publications.

goals —

Through the interactive and informative exhibition environment, “from i to eye” allows its audience to experience the impact that inclusive design can have on people with visual impairments, and spreads information on the Brailles system in the print industry.

from i to eye visual impairments exhibition accessibility inclusive design

idea & concept —

“from i to eye,” from the creation of one person's, to the perception of everybody's. This exhibition focuses on the importance of accessibility in design, and encourages every participant to think in a more inclusive way. The exhibit wall is broken into 3 sections: Alternative Sight: How Visually Impaired People Perceive the World; Visual Sympathy: How Inclusive Thinking in Design Benefits Visually Impaired People and Best Practices in Accessible Design; and Brailles. With the use of primary colors and the circle motif that resembles Brailles characters, the overall branding of the exhibition is simple, straightforward, and accessible.

from i to eye visual impairments exhibition accessibility inclusive design moodboard and objectives